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China Liugong "heavyweight" exhibit RUISTA td-25m crawler bulldozer

The third China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as "China Import Expo") will be held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10. Liu gongruista's exhibition td-25m crawler bulldozer took the China Sea Arctic ship from Gdansk port in northern Poland. After more than a month's voyage, it successfully arrived at Shanghai Yangshan deep-water port recently.

China Liugong "heavyweight" exhibit RUISTA td-25m crawler bulldozer

Td-25m crawler bulldozer is the brand of RUISTA, Liugong, Poland, with a height of 3.15m and a weight of 35.56t. It has the strong power and excellent performance of RUISTA bulldozer and can carry out construction operation under various terrain conditions. It is the heaviest exhibit that has arrived in Shanghai to participate in the third China International Fair so far. In order to ensure that this "heavyweight" can participate in the exhibition in the best state, COSCO Shipping has specially prepared frame boxes and high boxes for it, and designed a comprehensive whole process logistics and transportation service scheme.

RISTA company has a history of more than 70 years and is one of the three major brands of bulldozers in the world. After Guangxi Liugong machinery acquired RUISTA in 2012, the enterprise gradually developed into a global manufacturer of heavy construction machinery and equipment under Liugong. China's fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia has increased the confidence of the global industry and enterprises in China's economy under the current severe world epidemic situation. This is the first time that Liu gongruista company has participated in the Expo. Relying on the platform of the Expo, Liu gongruista products will be fully displayed, the influence of Liu gongruista brand will be improved, and the "channel" for international cooperation will be further widened.

[source: Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd.]

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