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Xinxing Yishan won the honorary title of "Haihe craftsman training base"

Recently, Xinxing Yishan company won the honorary title of "Haihe craftsman training base (Enterprise Training Center)". The "Haihe craftsman training base" is a high skilled talent training platform project launched by Tianjin human resources and Social Security Bureau. It is to implement the notice of the general office of Tianjin Municipal People's Government on the construction of "Haihe craftsman", which aims to face all fields Various industries select highly skilled talents, strengthen the construction of highly skilled talents, and help enterprises improve quality and efficiency. The government will provide policy support such as subsidies for training fees and appraisal fees. This award not only affirms the training of skilled talents of Xinxing mountain moving company, but also lays a solid foundation for Xinxing mountain moving to continuously strengthen the construction of skilled talents and help the implementation of Xinxing mountain moving talent strategy and talent development.

Over the years, Xinxing Yishan has adhered to the talent concept of "people-oriented, employing talents and self realization", created its own characteristic employee education and training system, built a platform for employees to achieve their career development goals, and cultivated a batch of pragmatic and innovative high-quality talents.

  Nowadays, the "Xinxing mountain moving training center" and the "Haihe craftsman training base (Enterprise Training Center)" complement each other and combine their own advantages with national policies to help the development of enterprise talents. While improving the educational level of employees, improve their skill level. Through training, make employees reach the "craftsman high skill" level, so that employees can further have a new understanding of the professionalism of loving their posts and dedication, the quality spirit of excellence, the team spirit of cooperation and progress, and the innovative spirit of pursuing excellence, so as to build a stage for employees to realize their dreams, It has effectively improved the company's popularity and reputation.

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