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Maintenance of Shangong sem816 bulldozer

The engine of the mountain worker sem816 bulldozer failed to crank when working. The engine of the bulldozer started normally the day before

According to the experience of "maintenance of Shangong sem816 bulldozer" for many years, the common causes of "the engine of Shantui bulldozer cannot be cranked" and the corresponding troubleshooting methods are as follows:

Possible causes of failure:
Maintenance of Shangong sem816 bulldozer
1. The battery is low or the wire is faulty

2 starting circuit fault

3 starting motor solenoid fault

4 transmission

5 engine internal fault

6 hydraulic cylinder lock failure

Corresponding troubleshooting methods:

1 check the battery power and check whether there is a problem with the wire

2 check the starter motor

3 check the machine wiring to the starter motor solenoid

4 check the transmission or engine auxiliary equipment

5 check the liquid in the cylinder by removing each unit injector

The above are the common reasons for the failure of "the engine of Shantui bulldozer cannot be cranked" shared by our factory and the corresponding failure inspection methods. For more common failure maintenance and repair cases of Shantui bulldozer, check the homepage of Shantui, or call Fu, the professional repairer of Shantui bulldozer. Our factory provides door-to-door maintenance service, 10 years of maintenance experience and 1000 maintenance cases, which are trustworthy!

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