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How much is the price of the bulldozer? The exhaust pipe emits white smoke and is unable to work

The price of bulldozer is about how much. During operation, the bulldozer exhaust pipe emits white smoke, the work is weak, and the temperature rises rapidly, so the bulldozer can not work normally

Fault analysis:

According to the price of bulldozer in Shantui bulldozer maintenance plant, the professional technician analyzes and answers the problem of "bulldozer price, exhaust pipe emitting white smoke and unable to work" according to the maintenance and repair cases of common faults of bulldozer for many years

As a result, "how much is the price of the bulldozer? The exhaust pipe emits white smoke and is unable to work" The fault is generally caused by the piston melting fault in the bulldozer engine. Because when a cylinder has a domestic plug melting, the cylinder will not work. Therefore, the exhaust branch pipe of the cylinder will not have working temperature, and the phenomenon of the whole machine is that the exhaust pipe emits white smoke, the working force is not strong, and the temperature rises rapidly
How much is the price of the bulldozer? The exhaust pipe emits white smoke and is unable to work
Failure cause analysis of "what is the approximate price of bulldozer? White smoke from exhaust pipe and inability to work":

1. The injection pressure of the oil injector of a cylinder I is too large and the oil supply time is too early. At this time, the piston of this cylinder will be in early deflagration and work under the harsh conditions of high pressure, high speed and high temperature. It will cause the local high-temperature thermal stress concentration of the piston. Therefore, the piston is compressive, temperature resistant When the strength of heat load resistance and fatigue resistance decreases, the top of the piston exceeds the melting temperature of the material due to overheating, which will lead to the phenomenon of burning

2 if the engine temperature is too high and the piston is not well lubricated, dry friction will be caused, resulting in piston burning

3 the fit clearance between piston and cylinder liner is too small, resulting in piston melting

4 the piston pin hole is too tight with the piston pin, causing the piston to burn
How much is the price of the bulldozer? The exhaust pipe emits white smoke and is unable to work
At present, most construction machinery engines use fully floating piston pin. This kind of piston pin does not rotate in the piston hole when it is cold. Only the copper sleeve of the small end of the connecting rod and the pin rotate. When it is hot, the piston pin hole expands and the piston pin can rotate. During engine overhaul, the piston pin hole is often hinged. If this process is carried out carelessly, it will inevitably make the piston pin hole fail to meet the accuracy requirements. When the engine is heated up, the When the piston temperature reaches the peak, the expansion of the piston pin hole can not leave room for the pin to rotate. The piston pin cannot rotate in its pin hole. When the piston is combined with the connecting rod, due to the piston pin hole being too tight or not concentric, the piston pin will inevitably elongate and deform the piston seat hole when entering the piston for the second time. Due to the deformation of the piston or the non rotation of the pin in the hole, The thermal expansion of the piston is abnormal. In addition, the piston pin is unreasonably knocked during assembly, so that the roundness of the piston and the stress surface of the piston skirt lose their due standards. Under the high temperature state of the cylinder, the protruding surfaces on both sides of the thrust surface of the piston skirt first contact with the cylinder wall, resulting in an increase in the friction coefficient per unit area. Finally, the metal layer on the piston surface is vulcanized and the piston friction surface is damaged

5. Poor heat dissipation effect of cylinder liner. In order to make them more closely combined during maintenance, a thick layer of strong glue is applied around the outer edge of cylinder liner, which will cause the piston to burn due to poor heat dissipation effect of cylinder liner

This is because the engine adopts a dry cylinder liner with extremely thin wall, and its outer edge surface does not directly contact with the cooling water. However, compared with the cylinder block, due to a certain thickness between the cylinder liner bearing hole and the cooling water chamber of the cylinder liner, its thermal conductivity is poor

When the piston is working, the temperature is very high. The heat of the piston temperature is transmitted to the cylinder liner through the piston ring, and then to the cooling water through the cylinder liner, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling the piston. Because there is a thick layer of rubber around the outer edge of the cylinder liner, and the thermal conductivity of these rubber blocks is quite poor, the heat of the piston during operation cannot be transmitted to the cooling water through the cylinder liner. In this way, It is possible to make the piston lose the cooling foundation and increase the expansion rate, resulting in strong friction between the piston and the cylinder wall. At the same time, the piston temperature increases with the increase of the cylinder temperature of the engine, so that the piston can not be cooled and produce thermal fatigue, and finally lead to the piston burning, melting and sticking to the cylinder

The above is the common cause analysis and troubleshooting of the "bulldozer's price is about how much, the exhaust pipe emits white smoke and is unable to work" fault provided by Shantui. For more common bulldozer's price, how much maintenance and repair faults, check the home bulldozer's price page, or call our factory's bulldozer's price about how much special repair technicians, Our factory provides door - to - door maintenance service according to the price of bulldozer

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